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About the English Language Garden Website

Who created it?

I did, Johanna. I've designed, written and produced it.


I started making it as part of my Masters course and realised how useful it was to have my own website, especially now I am self-employed.

Why do you call it the English Language Garden?

I like the idea of a place to 'grow' your teaching and learning skills. It's also, I hope, a peaceful place to refresh yourself. And it means I can make it look pretty!

Is it regularly updated?

Yes, it is nowadays. I admit there were a few years of neglect, but now I add to it frequently. If you find any errors do let me know and I'll correct them straight away.

Why have a website, rather than a blog or wiki?

Blogs and wikis are fantastic tools for collaboration but this particular site benefits from being able to store materials and links.

What are you planning to add in the future?

Quite a lot of things, like more spelling activities, some interactive tools, more useful links, and maybe even a competition. If there is something you would like to see here, please let me know.

Did you take the photos?

Although I took most of the flower pictures, I didn't take the beautiful one at the top of each page. This picture was taken by Walsh and posted on Flickr here. He kindly agreed I could use it.

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