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Links for learners

There are lots of website to help you with your English. Some are very good, some are not. These are some I recommend. More to come!


Comments The BBC Worldservice site has lots of high quality activities. Try Words in the News, Pronunciation and whatever interests you. Also from the BBC. Some nice games and activities to help with vocabulary, grammar, spelling, writing, etc This is the British Council site for English language learners. Lots of new activities being added all the time. Listen to podcasts, learn idioms, explore themes. Everyday there is a new web-based activity for you to try. Great for people who get bored easily! Check it out every day!. Some coursebooks have great websites with lots of interactive activities. Look at this one (the pronunciation work is particularly good), but search for other coursebook websites too. This site has some good language practice activities, a text to check your level and more. You need to register but it's free. Test your grammar with English Grammar in use. Take part in a discussion - you speak in English. You need a little microphone, the internet and something to say! Learn English phonemes here.





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