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I live in Norwich (pronounced "norridge") which is a beautiful medieval city in Norfolk in the East of England.  I was born here and, although I haven't lived here all my life, I love it.


  • It's a beautiful historic city with a modern buzz to it.
  • It's big enough to have good facilities, entertainment, shopping, nightlife.
  • It's small enough to escape some problems sometimes experienced by bigger cities
  • There are some wonderful beaches to visit nearby.
  • It's less than two hours to London by train but much less expensive and more comfortable.

It's also a great place to study English as there are not many foreign students here, unlike Cambridge, Oxford or London.

Find out more about Norwich at You can also find information there about some of the lovely places to visit near Norwich, such as the Norfolk Broads, miles of beautiful beaches and some very pretty villages.

When in Norwich you should:

See Norwich Cathedral and stroll around 'The Close' - the area surrounding the Cathedral - and walk by the river.

Have tea in The Tea Lounge in Ber Street - wonderful homemade cakes and real English tea (OK I admit a bias here - it's my sister-in-law's place but it IS lovely).

Shop in the open-air market and the Lanes (and the big shopping centres if you like them - but they're pretty much the same as anywhere else).

Eat at Pizza Express in the Forum for a great view over the city centre.








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