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Some things I like:

Books I'd recommend:

The Road Home by Rose Tremain. A man from an unspecified Eastern European country comes to England to make some money for his family and get over his depression about his wife's recent death. The novel explores his relationships with the people and lifestyles he meets here, his family and friends back home and with himself.

Two Caravans by Monika L. Also about a group of migrant workers in the UK, who find their experiences are very different from their expectations.

Watching the English by Kate Fox. A really interesting and very readable anthropological study of the English. Read about the importance and indicators of social class, the psychology behind English humour and politeness.

Films I'd recommend:

Slumdog Millionaire great Oscar-winning film set in the slums of India. Education doesn't only happen at school.

Mamma Mia for a good fun feel-good thank-goodness-it's-Friday sort of evening.

Elizabeth - The 1998 one. Beautiful film about Queen Elizabeth I. Even if you can't follow all the English and the politics, just sit back and enjoy.


English food - it's not all bad!! You should try these but they're no good if you're trying to lose weight:

Toad in the hole. Don't worry there are no toads in this! It consists of sausages (use best quality ones) in Yorkshire pudding (which isn't a pudding!). Confused? Here is a recipe, try it and let me know what you think.

Apple or rhubarb crumble is one of my favourite puddings. Here is a recipe (but I use cloves rather than cinnamon).

Summer pudding - another favourite dessert. Try this one.






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