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The Afghan Reading Project

Afghan reading Project logo

I support this charity - why?

Afghanistan has one of the highest illiteracy rates in the world. Exact statistics seem difficult to come by, but it is estimated that about 90% of women in parts of the country cannot read or write. Denied education under Taliban rule, they never had the chance to learn.

Illiteracy means having to believe what you are told. It means not being able to find things out for yourself. It means relying on others. It means not being able to pursue education in other areas. It means not being able to check your rights and responsibilities. In Afghanistan they compare illiteracy to blindness.

But why this particular charity?

I was attracted by the fact that they raise money to have culturally appropriate books written, printed and distributed by Afghans. So the Afghan writers, printers and publishers get work and children and adults get suitable books.

For more about their work go to

What can you do?

Please buy books, music, electrical items, etc, through the or links at the bottom of any page on this site (or The Spelling Blog). You pay the same but Amazon pay me a small commission which I pass on to the Afghan Reading Project.

Thank you very much.




Please help me to raise money for The Afghan Reading Project. It won't cost you anything. If you go to or through a link on this site (like the one above) Amazon pay a commission on anything you buy. All money raised will go to The Afghan Reading Project . So why not bookmark this page and call it 'Amazon' - then you won't forget. Thank you.


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